How do you differentiate a house from a home?

How do you demarcate ownership and a proud possession? How do you distinguish investment from appreciation?

For over 2 decades now, Red Stone has been putting these questions to connoisseurs of lifestyle. Today, as on day 1, their answer is undisputed. The ideal choice is always the one that exemplifies the finest in design, impeccable quality, utmost reliability, on-schedule delivery, choicest of locations and unmatched customer service.

For those who enter a Red Stone space, it's like entering a state of mind. It's where life is unlike anything else before, where inspiration is in the air, and where you experience timeless elegance everyday.

Little wonder, every Red Stone project is the very personification of excellence embedded in square foot - brought alive by a team that is dedicated to customer delight in all ways possible. Standing testimony to this is an impressive portfolio of projects, and a growing list of clients.

Today, The Red Stone Group is a leading name in the upper end of Mumbai's highly discerning real estate and construction industry.

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A. J. Ladak  - Chairman

Mr. Ladak hails from a family of businessmen. A seasoned real estate professional, he ventured into real estate in 1983 and since then has spearheaded the group's growth with unrelenting passion, vision and a hands-on approach to customer delight. Till now the group under , Mr Ladak’s guidance has constructed millions of sq.ft. of Prime Residential Spaces including residential towers and residential villas in Mumbai Bangalore and Goa.

Shakeel Ladak   - Director

Mr. Shakeel ladak overseas all aspects pertaining to Architectural and Interior Designs and execution of all projects. He works very closely with all Architects and has a very keen interest in overall planning and designing of all the Groups Various Residential and Hospitality projects.

Iqbal Makani  - Director / Administration

Iqbal overseas the sales and growth functions of the organization assisting the group in all legal aspects of the business.

Together the management team has constructed over 14 million square feet including several prestigious 25 storey apartments in Mumbai.

As a recognized leader in the real estate development and construction industries, Red Stone Projects will: Be responsible citizens, concerned at all times for the safety of our employees and the public, and responsive to the needs of our employees, the public and the communities in which we work.

Develop and maintain a diverse, competent, highly motivated, well-trained management team and workforce who strive for continuous improvement in their jobs and are proud to work for Red Stone.

Earn the respect, confidence and goodwill of our customers, sub-contractors, suppliers, workforce and shareholders. Build a reputation of integrity and excellence.

Red Stone Projects is empowered by a team of experienced professionals who are driven by a passion for excellence and committed to growth and customer delight.

Assisting the company's top management is a growing team of qualified, talented and experienced professionals in the areas of architecture, civil engineering, project management, marketing, finance and customer service.